Makeup and Eyelash Extensions



We will create the perfect look for you that will last the duration of your day and look exquisite in photographs. At Dreamlocks we choose to use NAPOLEON Make-Up.
As a Make-Up artist we believe that to curate an enviable makeup collection with need-now products from the most coveted brands in cosmetics. Re-discover cult favourites, unveil multi-purpose wonders, or find inspiration from the latest breakthrough stars in beauty. Whether it’s a statement bold lip or perfectly winged cats-eye, uncover the essentials to master your look.

So pure you can sleep in it.11831768_10153401173949473_2870343269748435112_n

Truly amazing for all skin types & age groups.



Eyelash Extensions

Dream Locks uses eyelash extensions that are beautifully crafted synthetic & silk lashes. They have a seductive flick of the tail with a soft feather light feel.

One eyelash extension is bonded with a premium eyelash extension adhesive to one of your own natural lashes. This attachment is repeated across your lash line until you are left with a totally natural enhancement of gorgeous lashes. Eyelash extensions will add length, dramatic colour & density to your own lash line which means no need for Mascara.