Spray Tans

Dayboro beauty servicesThe Most Natural Spray Tan You Can Find”

Dream Locks is a professional tanning salon that will provide you with a tan that will hydrate, protect and nourish your skin without the risks of the sun or solarium. We have tans that suit all skin types and colours. All our colours can be blended to create the right colour for you.  The most natural spray on tans you will find. Call 34525-1704 to book today.



For pre-tan preparation we have a unique blended exfoliating body wash. To preserve the tan we have a tan saver body wash which is Sodium Laurel Sulphate FREE. (Sodium Laurel Sulphate is found in soap and it strips the skin of its natural oils which reduce the longevity of your tan). There is a skin enriching body butter, moisturising body shimmer, tan extender cream and body bronzer. You will love these products. Dream Locks spray tans use a base tone of corrective green, others are from a red which gives that orange effect.

Before Tanning

Exfoliate your entire body before a tan. This can be done with exfoliating gloves and mitts. Be sure to concentrate on rough skin areas like knees, elbows , ankes and the top of your feet and hands. Do not apply moisturiser, make-up, deodorant or perfume as this will reduce the final result. Wear loose clothing. We have disposable g- strings if you desire.

After Tanning

Once your tan is applied, you must allow it to dry completely. We will ensure that your tan is dry before you leave. We have a powered fixture for you to stand in while you are being sprayed which has vents and lighting to ensure you receive the best results. Do not allow your skin to get wet after the tanning application. It is also recommended that you do not exercise or perspire excessively between the tanning and the showering phase. We will advise you of how many hours before your first shower depending on the type of tan you have. When showering don’t be concerned if some of the initial bronzer washes off. Your skin will be left with a beautiful tan. Apply moisturiser liberally to your entire tanned body twice daily after showering. This helps to reduce the rate at which your skin exfoliates and will keep your tan looking amazing for even longer. We have a range of tanning products available for purchase to keep your tan looking amazing for longer. Other tips in maintaining your spray tan is avoid long baths, hot spas and extender swimming sessions. Avoid products like soaps.

Can Pregnant Or Nursing Mothers Use Spray Tan?

The concern some doctors have is over whether or not the active ingredient (DHA) is able to enter the blood stream, indications being that it cannot. DHA only penetrates the top 3 layers of the skin. However, if the client is still concerned they should consult their doctor.

Can The Tan Stain My Clothes?

The spray tan can stain some fabrics. However a good soaking in water will usually lift the tan off the fabric.